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lechon filipino recipe pork shoulder 3 | Yummy Filipino Recipe's

lechon filipino recipe pork shoulder 3
lechon filipino recipe pork shoulder 3

fresh pork ham roast (or boneless shoulder picnic roast, a hog's head, or any parts of pork.A Pinoy Recipe My All Favorite Filipino Recipes.
Mabuhay, to our Filipino Food Recipes Mabuhay (ma-boo-high) means welcome in Tagalog, the Filipino, or Pilipino.Pork Siomai Recipe BBQ Pork Chops Lechon (Spit Roast) "Fiesta version" 3 to 4-pound pork shoulder, with skin.


1 to 2 kilos of pork (you can choose the shoulder or the leg part)

2 tablespoons of rock salt

1 bottle of soda drink (7-up or Sprite)

1 big onion peeled

1 ginger pounded

2 liters of water

some cooking oil for frying


Start by cleaning the pork. Do not cut them. It is preferable you choose pork without bones and with some fat on it. Put the cleaned pork on a deep casserole (like crock pot or pressure cooker), put the rock salt, ginger, onion and pour the soda drink and the water. Cover this and let this cook for at least two hours (for normal casserole and an hour for pressure cooker) at a medium fire. Cook until the pork becomes tender. You can keep the broth for further cooking like; pancit or mami noodle soup. Drain well the pork. It is highly recommended to cook them the next fry them the next day. In a frying pan, pour your cooking oil, as on as the oil is very hot put the pork cover it. Let it cook for about ten minutes each side or until it is golden brown. You can serve this with a spicy vinegar or lechon sarsa.

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