Monday, March 12, 2012

Pancit Palabok | Yummy Filipino Recipe's

Pancit  Palabok
Pancit Palabok

1 lb ground pork or beef or chicken
1/2 lb shrimps blenderize 1/4 lb bigger shrimps for topping cook
patis to taste
3 tbsp of tinapa flakes slightly toasted
1 pack mama cita palabok mix
1 pack atsuete powdered
pepper to taste optional
spring onion
8 boiled eggs 4 eggs blenderize 4 eggs for topping
2 bags palabok noodle 500gm each
2 garlic head
1 big onion
4 tbsp olive oil or canola oil
4 cans of chicken broth or 4cups beef broth
1/2c flour

Boil 4 cups water,add a little salt. cook noodles for 15 to 20 mins or just half cooked then drain set aside

saute the ground pork with garlic and onion .add atsuete ,tinapa flakes,pepper,Add 3 cans or 3 cups of chicken broth when boiling add mama cita palabok mix with flour and 1can cold chicken broth ,pouring slowly until it's thicken .Add patis to taste.

on a separate wok pour half of sauce, when its boiling add the noodles for 10 or 15 min or until its cooked add more of sauce if needed garnish with sliced eggs and cooked shrimps and chopped spring onion.

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