Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Rolls | Yummy Pilipino Recipe's

Spring Rolls
Spring Rolls


8-10 large Chinese mushrooms
large head of cabbage
1 carrot
1/3 pound lean ground pork
garlic powder
salt and pepper to taste
1/4 pound cooked salad shrimp
frozen wrappers (preferably Spring Home Spring Roll Pastry or Weichuan)
egg white
vegetable oil

Cooking Method:

Cover mushrooms with boiling water and let soak at least 15 minutes while preparing other ingredients. Quarter cabbage and discard core. Shred into 1/8 inch strips by pushing quickly through a food processor using the slicing disk. Put cabbage into a large mixing bowl. Peel carrot. Using the vegetable peeler, cut ribbons of carrots directly into bowl of cabbage. Saute pork in a large deep skillet. Add garlic powder, salt and pepper to taste. When cooked, add to the cabbage.

Defrost and rinse shrimp; remove visible veins, then add to cabbage. Drain mushrooms, remove stem and slice very thinly. Add to cabbage. Add more seasoning and mix well. Return to skillet over medium heat and toss continually until cabbage starts to wilt slightly. Remove from heat and return to mixing bowl. When cool, squeeze all excess liquid from filling.

Heat oil in wok or skillet on high heat. If using a deep fryer, heat to 350 degrees. Using 1/3 cup of filling, wrap spring rolls in the usual manner. Seal tightly with egg whites. Fry several at a time until wrapper is golden brown. Lift out of pot with tongs and drain well on paper towels before serving.

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